Self-supported unicycle adventures

We like discovering the world on one wheel and a backpack. We enjoy the challenge, freedom and opportunities it creates. We want to encourage and inspire other women to go on similar path.

Anne-Sophie and Kelli are honored to be the recipients of the 2016 Kris Holm Evolution of Balance Award for their Uni Girls Kick Alps adventure this summer. The  Evolution of Balance Award is a bi-annual grant supporting mountain unicyclists seeking adventures in remote places around the world.






– The Uni Girls Kick Alps (August 2016 – Singletrack – 3 1/2 weeks), – 500km

Kelli and Anne-Sophie will go on a self-supported traverse in the Alps from the Chartreuse Range in France to Zermatt, Switzerland, via Chamonix-Mont Blanc, including the famous Haute Route ski traverse. They will be riding approximately 500km with 25,000m of elevation gain, much of it singletrack in the high alpine. The girls will be embarking on their journey in August of 2016 and invite you to follow along.


– The Cross Patagonia (2013 – Dirt road and paved road – 6 months) – 4600 km

Anne-Sophie left on one wheel from the southernmost city of South America, Ushuaia in January 2013. Six months later, after passing through incredible landscapes, enjoying meeting locals and travelers but also struggling with strong winds and lot of gravel roads, she arrived in Santiago de Chile on July 14, 2013.


– The Canadian Rockies (2012 – Paved road and snow – 5 days) – 240 km

In order to prepare for her Patagonian trip and test her equipment in rough conditions, Anne-Sophie rode her unicycle for part of the route from Jasper to Banff in November 2012.
rockies3bis u_snowy_night3