The Girls



Originally from France, Anne-Sophie moved to Vancouver, BC in 2007 and calls it home now. Leaving on a floathome at the foot of the North Shore, she enjoys rowing, telemark skiing and most of all Mountain Unicycling down the nearby trails.

She started riding a unicycle when she was five or six years old and never stopped, loving the people she meets through the uni community.  She is interested in all kind of riding:  freestyle, sport teams, and at one point was even into trials and street – though it doesn’t mean she is necessarily good at them. Mountain Unicycling is definitely her favourite. She is the 2006 “15 and up” Downhill World Champion and the 2010 North American Technical Muni Champion.

In 2007, she participated in the Mediterranean Unicycle Tour with another 10 riders: 1000km in 21 days from Slovenia to the South of France. It was her first experience of multiple day uni trip and loved it but also realized that she wanted to go self supported in the future. She started by going the Canadian Rockies for 5 days in November 2012, braving the first snow, to test her gear and train.

In 2013, she went on a 4600 km solo ride across Patagonia, from Ushuaia to  Santiago de Chile in six months, 2/3rd of it being gravel road.



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Kelli lives in the small mountain town of Pine, Colorado. She learned how to unicycle in November 2014 after her son told her matter-of-factly that she was too old to learn how to ride. She spent a week determined to prove him wrong and eventually succeeded. The sport had her hooked and shortly after she learned to ride she discovered mountain unicycling. Kelli has some of Colorado’s best trails just minutes from her house and it wasn’t long before she was spending all of her free time exploring them via unicycle.

Kelli loves adventure. Prior to moving to Colorado, she and her family lived aboard a sailboat in Boston Harbor. She is an instrument rated private pilot and hopes to someday complete her commercial pilot rating. Nothing appeals to her more than an impromptu adventure and she was thrilled to be invited by An’So to ride the Alps.