The New Adventure


Anne-Sophie grew up at the the foot of the Chartreuse in the Alps until she was a teenager. Now that she lives in Canada, this trip is a return to her roots and an occasion to explore the Alps leading to the amazing Mont Blanc. The famous Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt has been in Anne-Sophie’s mind for a few years, and seems like an incredible trail to tackle by mountain unicycle. This trip will cover about 500km of trails with 25,000m of elevation gain and will consist mostly of singletrack.

Going as a self supported women duo in high alpine terrain, the girls want to push their limits and encourage and inspire other female riders to go on Muni adventures.

They expect a good number of “hike-a-muni” sections on the steeper climbs but no means of transportation other than their unicycles and their feet are planned. They will of course hike the short sections where cycling is not permitted. In order to make this possible, they will be travelling with really light gear, most likely using a tarp instead of a tent for bivouacs or a stove made from a can for example.

Anne-Sophie and Kelli first met in Sedona in March of 2016, where they camped and rode together, and discovered common interests in Muni riding and mountains. Anne-Sophie will be acting as a mentor to Kelli, who has not experienced a trip like this before. Kelli lives in the mountains west of Denver, Colorado and rides technical trails weekly at an elevation of 2700m. In September of 2015 Kelli unicycled and hiked Mt. Elbert, Colorado’s tallest peak at 4401m. While she has only been unicycling for 1.5 years, she is quite fit and up for the challenge.


Elevation profile