The Adventure

A long dream of Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia

About 4 years ago, I started to think that I wanted to go on a self-supported adventure somewhere in the world where I had never been. South-America was big on my list and pretty soon Patagonia with its vast and sparse streches emerged as a region I really wanted to explore.


And so my friends would hear all about this journey one day I would take on.  But a few months ago, I felt it was time to stop talking about it and finally go.

As I really wanted to go to Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia, but my distance was a bit indetermined, the adenture had to start at the Southern place so I could make sure I would not miss the area where I really wanted to ride. Unfortunately, it looks like it means mostly going against the winds. Ushuaia, for me who grew up in France, is this mythical place at the end of the world. There was a famous show on TV when I was little where an explorer, Nicolas Hulot, would take us to all the most beautiful and remote places in the world, and the show was called Ushuaia.


A 6 month adventure

From there, I’ll be riding for 6 months and I have no idea if I’ll reach Santiago de Chile or not. The riding conditions will be really different than the ones I’ve experienced so far: most likely crazy winds, a lot of rain during fall (of the South-Hemisphere), gravel roads half the way, limited supplies in somes areas. It makes it really hard to estimate my average speed.  I’m not so interested in the number I’ll be able to achieve anyway but more in the journey, the life experience and the people I will meet.

Why 6 months? Well, ideally I would like to ride accross the whole South-America, which would take more than 6 months. But I have someone waiting for me at home. Because of his responsibilities back there, he cannot join me for any long period of time. 6 months will be long enough away from my sweetheart.